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by Sbando
2004-03-08 23:00
Ok, if you already know Tristan, no need for an introduction. If you don't, well, know that he's a French performer/director on the verge of international super-stardom. He's going to direct his own line for Devil's and he's going to star in a new, mysterious project by Elegant Angel.

1) QUESTION: You seem involved, at present, in a bunch of incredibly interesting projects, very high profile too. Let's go step by step: Tristan as a director for the guys at Devil's. Bold and exciting move. What is the big plan? How will your series be called and what will it look like?

TRISTAN: Very exciting actually, I'm really glad that Devil's and Mike Rubinstein put trust in me, I was always more interested in shooting than being just an actor... don't get me wrong I love performing!!! I shot already a few titles for them, some old like "Tit's and Ass", "Teen tryout", "Anal teen tryout" and "18 year old pussy" but also a few brand new lines: a DP cream pie line "Double filled cream pie" and a POV line "Anal POV". I will probably be in charge of those most of the time, it's just better to shoot this kind of stuff with european girls... But the best is that Mike agreed to take the distribution for my own line, something a little bit more fancy, I want to shoot vignettes with a set up for each scene. I don't want to speak too much about it before it's realesed but the name will probably be "Sex Tails" or "Load INC." it's so fucking hard to find a good title...

2) Q.: Another high profile new adventure. Elegant Angel hired a French director (Bodilis/Handsome? Can you confirm this?): "The new director will be filming a line for Collins that will be based in Europe, and will be starring famous French male porn star, Tristan." Can you tell us more?

TRISTAN: You're right for the french director but Bodilis/Handsome is only working for Hustler and Marc Dorcel (as far as I know). I don't know where you got your informations but I'm very impressed... lol... I shot one movie for Patric last january in europe but he didn't say me that he wanted to start a new line, good for me maybe. Only one thing... "famous french pornstar" is a little bit too much (mmmm...). By the way this movie is more an Elegant Angel styled movie, a little intro, hot girls and nasty sex! My god I love that!

3) Q: I read on Hot Vidéo a while ago about your collaboration with Manu Ferrara. I also saw some very hot stills of a movie called "Sexomania". What happened to those projects? Is it something that it's still going on or you two now are too busy doing other things?

TRISTAN: Manuel and I were very good friends so we tried to be as often as possible on the same productions and we are the first french performers (dixit Hot Video) that tried to have a real career in US, and believe me it's hard to make a name in the states when you are from overseas, so we tried to help eachother as much as possible. "Sexomania" didn't come out yet because Colmax is still waiting for the tapes... they were ripped off by the company in charge of the movie. Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon and the movie will be realesed.

4) Q: Which among the performers/directors that are active now you respect the most?

TRISTAN: I'm only 5 years in the business but I'm old school... I respect a lot Manuel as a performer, he did a great job these last years and "all natural", I'm sorry to say that but I can't be impressed with performers who take Viagra or inject their penis before each scene, I had so much troubles learning how to keep my stuff hard for hours that I feel a little offended when I see all these guys full of steroids and chemical shits... So Manuel is the best guy for me now.
I don't watch so much porn movies (funny no?) but I can say that the only director that really teached me a lot was Pierre Woodman, I worked just a few times for him but I learned a lot!!! He is a freak but a very nice person and a great professional.

5) Q: You and your wife Angela have been one of the most popular couples in European Hardcore...

TRISTAN: Really??? Nice!

It's sad to hear that you two broke up. How has your career changed now that you're a single man again?

TRISTAN: Angela and I were always more concerned with our couple than our careers, that's the reason why we didn't work so much. We broke up 9 months ago but we are still very good friends, she is a great woman. Now I concentrate more on my work and it's more easy for me to travel and meet people, that's why everything goes faster for me... that's the positive part of it...
Between you and me I really miss her...

by Sbando
2004-03-01 22:00
I have a couple of points to make.
I happened to read a nice, I think, review of this site by our friends of MilkyWay Channel. Part of it is quite flattering but there are parts of it that hurt quite a bit. And this thing keeps haunting me. Everywhere I go, over and over again...
This site does not look professional to you (and by you I don't mean Milky: they're FRIENDS, and I thank them for their interest)? Ok, what do you need? More flash? Windows that open in new windows? Sword swallowing? The WORST of the Internet... What we hate the most...
On this hand, you, out there, don't seem to get that the "fool on the hill" or "crazy man with airplane hat" effect is wanted. I love being an amateur and, sometimes, it's nice to be different. REALLY different.
But, on the other hand, I'm sick of people underestimating this site. Do you know how much traffic we can generate? How many visitors we have each day? Have a look at alexa.com. Not bad for a shitty fan page, huh? And growing! So why are sponsors or porn companies still snobbing us? And why do they keep sending freebies and screeners to lousy review sites all over the web? Hey, paysites: did you check the sales? Will you answer our e-mails now?
Anyway, before this gets out of hand...
This is a business, for me. It takes me hours and hours each day to bring you the news and the info and all the nice stuff you can't find anywhere else. And it hurts me to see that people don't take me seriously.
I get me coat, now.

Signed, sealed and delivered: Sbando Boy, Martian chronicler.



Ok, if you already know Tristan, no need for an introduction. If you don't, well, know that he's a ...

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I have a couple of points to make. I happened to read a nice, I think, review of this site by our ...