PRIVATE MAGAZINES INDEX (by David X, noproblemo & Takezho)
When Berth Milton Jr took over his father in the early nineties, he decided to refurbish their ageing magazine line. He did so in hiring an intrepid French photographer and a new Spanish editor. Their motto: fresh new girls all doing anal. Picking up the most beautiful models from Eastern Europe, one might say they overachieved their initial goal...

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Private 171


Private 171 (June 2002)

Belladonna & Desert Rose: Belladonna, Desert Rose
Blond bombshell: Cleare
Marquis de Sade: Lynn Stone
On the catwalk: Betty Love, Melinda Vecsey
Sweating it out at the gym: Jana
Private 172

Rita Faltoyano

Private 172 (August 2002)

I feel like a lolita: Vivieen
Our fruity girl: Candy
Stargate again...: Rita Faltoyano
The admiral's daughter: Nicol
Trying out my new purple sofa: Stacy Silver
Private 173

Lenka Gaborova

Private 173 (October 2002)

Fresh out of the shower... and into the bedroom: Nicky Black
Lesbigram: Claudia Claire, Lynn Stone
Pretty woman: Demi
Welcome to hell: Cleare
Welcome to the tropics: Lenka Gaborova
Private 174

Sandy Style

Private 174 (December 2002)

From muse to glutton: Jody Moore
Hold on, curves up ahead!: Tiffany Diamond
Journey to nowhere: Michelle Wild
Song of the mermaid: Olivia Del Rio
The baroque and its permissiveness: Fabiola Dos Santos
Your ass gives me vertigo: Sandy Style
Private 175

Shyla Stylez

Private 175 (February 2003)

Billiard, that fascinating game: Lenka Gaborova
Bus by day, bus by night: Diana
Katerina and her asssitant: Katerina
Ménage à trois: Alissa, Ginger
The morbid pleasure of the cabaret dancer: Shyla Styles
The year of Gaudi: Sophie Evans
Private 176

Tiffany Diamond

Private 176 (April 2003)

Chocolate with milk: Crystal Ray
Fashion & sex, face to face: Lynn, Claudia Claire
Long life to the call box!: Tiffany Diamond
The supermegafan: Katerina
Welcome to the morgue: Lulu Icewhite
Private 177

Private 177 (June 2003)

Diana the huntress, divine Sabine virgin: Diana
Men are guilty: Susana
Our bakery girl: Jennifer Dark
Simony, prison warder for men: Simony
The lost battle of the crusades: Jessica Fiorentino
Water & fire: Black Widow
Private 178


Private 178 (August 2003)

Adriana Durante: Jennifer Morante
Angelica: Angelica
Born to suck: Katerina
Camerawoman: Katryn
The revenge of the assistant's pussy: Lenka
Use me & abuse me: Jana
Private 179

Claudia Ferrari

Private 179 (October 2003)

1: Melody
2: Jessica Fiorentino
3: Diva
4: Shaina
5: Radka
6: Claudia Ferrari
Private 180

Joana Redgrave

Private 180 (December 2003)

1: Joana Redgrave
2: Taylor Rain
3: Papillon
4: Victoria Swinger
5: Jamie Lee
6: Jacqueline Stones
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