PRIVATE MAGAZINES INDEX (by David X, noproblemo & Takezho)
When Berth Milton Jr took over his father in the early nineties, he decided to refurbish their ageing magazine line. He did so in hiring an intrepid French photographer and a new Spanish editor. Their motto: fresh new girls all doing anal. Picking up the most beautiful models from Eastern Europe, one might say they overachieved their initial goal...

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Private 131

Anita Blond

Private 131 (October 1995)

"Rebellion on ""The Animal Farm""": Anita Blonde
Aliza: Aliza
Carnal inspection: Tanya Russof
Cocktail for three: Rachel
Full sail ahead: Lulu
In... the champ: Monica Covaci
Poster : Anita: Anita Gyongy
Private paradise: Gabrielle Scream
Private 132

Tania Russof

Private 132 (December 1995)

A wolf in sheep's clothing: Laurence
Accomplices in love: Anita Gyongy
Ancient sex: Elysa Mell
Childhood memories: Melinda Hever
Living colors: Andrea
Private 133

Demia Moore

Private 133 (February 1996)

Ania & the pleasure island: Ania
Days of sex: Deborah, Deborah
Doctors & nurse: Julie
How much you want to bet: Katia Fulop
Passional voyage: Nicolette Alex
Poster : Anne-Marie & Sophie: Anne-Maria, Sophie Call
The NTH road to sex: Demia Moore
The test: Sissy
Private 134

Anita Gyongy

Private 134 (April 1996)

Animal fragrance: Ivy Crystal
Fame has its price: Anita Gyongy
I'm a porno star, what about you: Andrea Kalemenova
Poster : Jenny: Jenny Fields
Roller sex: Ines
The magic shell: Tammi Ann
The ranch: Anne-Maria, Sophie Call
Private 135

Jenny Fields

Private 135 (June 1996)

Don't worry, be happy: Jenny Fields
Ingredient X: Olivia Del Rio
Poster : Julia: Julia Spain
Sex art: Rayveness
The japanese bridge: Simone
The rescue screw: Lena
Trekking: Nastia
Private 136

Demia Moore

Private 136 (August 1996)

Forsaken... and without any commitment: Datze
Power Demia: Demia Moore
Seeking the gigolo: Rosemary Ward
Sunshine sex: Megia
X sport: Ivy Crystal
Private 137


Private 137 (October 1996)

2050 and this planet is earth: Gina
Ball Xchange: Helena Kadlubaja, Sandra Dark
Lovette and the reindeers: Lovette
Sweet strawberry: Monique Demoan
That dark objet of desire: Jenny Fields
Viewpoint X: Gyongi
Private 138

Nikki Anderson

Private 138 (December 1996)

New generation: Carole Dubois
Poster : Hedvig: Hedvig Kaser
Sex, the eye of the hurricane: Nikki Anderson
The draftsman's contract: Paisley Hunter
Welcome to Private world: China Moon
When Venus became a woman: Melissa Hill
Women...: Suzan, Erika Lindauer
Private 139


Private 139 (February 1997)

Breakfast at Blondie's: Blondie
Carol and the Mojave shoot: Carole Dubois
Fast food: Rayveness
My flat: Ildico Ihos
New York bitch: Sandra Dark
Poster : Kristina: Kristina Schwartz
The pleasure of matrimony: Rachel, Monica Orsini
Private 140

Krisztina Schwartz

Private 140 (April 1997)

? (2nd set): Elke
Dreaming of being an actress: Monique Demoan
Egypt...: Tanya Russof
Kriztina wants more...: Kristina Schwartz
The poor man and the pretty woman: Ella
Wake up!: Andrea Tiffany Segal
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