PRIVATE MAGAZINES INDEX (by David X, noproblemo & Takezho)
When Berth Milton Jr took over his father in the early nineties, he decided to refurbish their ageing magazine line. He did so in hiring an intrepid French photographer and a new Spanish editor. Their motto: fresh new girls all doing anal. Picking up the most beautiful models from Eastern Europe, one might say they overachieved their initial goal...

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Private 121


Private 121 (February 1994)

A lustful goblin: Jacqueline Wild
Billiard game: Irina Dener
Bungalow: Stasha
Catamaran: Karina Senk
Celebration 18th december: Draghixa, Melanie Rowan
Miss Busybody: Diana Gueiko
Private 122

Mame Yong

Private 122 (April 1994)

A special dish: Su Ann
Fucking the 5th floor neighbour: Melanie Rowan
The godfather: Linda Musa
The love temple: April Summer
The perfect singer: Nicole London
The sculptress: Mame Yong
Private 123

Anita Rinaldi

Private 123 (June 1994)

Erica: Erika Bella
Fucking quartet: Alona
Household service: Anita Rinaldi
I'm Margot, fuck me!: Margot
Laura's got two wishes: Laura Catwoman
Poster : Brittany: Brittany O' Connell
Social meeting: Svetlana
Top model: Brittany O' Connell
Private 124

Erika Bella

Private 124 (August 1994)

A very advantageous wedding: Erika Bella
Cobbler, stick to your last!: Regina
Hot construction: Christelle, Sandrine
Private radio in the air: Angelica
Saphir's letter: Saphyr
The fuck boat: Imene, Nadine Bronx
Private 125

Sunset Thomas

Private 125 (October 1994)

Do you think love's for sale?: Victoria Tromanoba
Margarette and the thieves: Margarette Szopos
Sex and speed: Sunset Thomas
The inauguration: Michaella, Veronica Bella
The tourist guide: Timea Margot
Ysa and the giant turnips: Ysana
Private 126


Private 126 (December 1994)

Anniversary gift: Judith
Biovulva: Ania
Cannes girls: Hannah Turlington, Lorraine Ansell
Cocktail: Dina Pearl
Technical stop over: Lulu
The lawnmower man: Betty Bodai
Private 127

Betty Boday

Private 127 (February 1995)

Amateur : On a Texas ranch: Missy
Body building: Beata Smorjai
God save the queen: Channone
Nataly's bar: Nathalie Sallai
Poster : Coralie: Coralie
The stud: Inna, Tanya Russof
To fuck or to fly : that is the question: Betty Bodai
Private 128

Lana Cox

Private 128 (April 1995)

Anita, a dream girl: Anita Gyongy
Indecent proposal: Lana Cox
The monolith: Coralie
The welcome present: Illana Moore
Waratah park: Ana´S
Wild ride: Tanya Russof
Private 129

Laura Palmer

Private 129 (June 1995)

Am I OK, doc?: Laurence, Agnes Faludi
Born to fuck: Laura Palmer
Grand hotel: Katia
Gratuated!: Kristina Kovacs
Hot sausage: Barbara, Joo Min Lee
Oriental lust: Manon
Poster : Joy: Joy Kiss
Private 130

Kristy Lion

Private 130 (August 1995)

Anita: Anita Blonde
Franšoise: Francoise
Intimate care: Joo Min Lee
Lost on the Seychelles: Nataly, Joy Kiss
Poster : Tania: Tanya Russof
Secrets of a woman: Andy Priscilla
The orgasm of the spider woman: Kristy Lion
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