PRIVATE MAGAZINES INDEX (by David X, noproblemo & Takezho)
When Berth Milton Jr took over his father in the early nineties, he decided to refurbish their ageing magazine line. He did so in hiring an intrepid French photographer and a new Spanish editor. Their motto: fresh new girls all doing anal. Picking up the most beautiful models from Eastern Europe, one might say they overachieved their initial goal...

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Private 141

Silvia Saint

Private 141 (June 1997)

A very special ghost: Dailany
Abandonned... no way!: Angela Egervari
Indecent exposure: Mafalda
Sylvie's striptease: Silvia Saint
They came from the cold: Margareth, Zinai
Private 142

Silvia Saint

Private 142 (August 1997)

Come to heaven with me: Silvia Saint
Diva: Nikki Anderson
Nora: Nora
Street runway: Myrka
The love boat: Zita
Private 143

Gabriella Bond

Private 143 (October 1997)

Paris... Oh la la!: Blondie, Lydia, Isabelle Jurke
Peggy Sue gets laid...: Peggy Sue
The next-door neighbour: Gabriella Bond
The night the guests wouldn't leave: Suzanne
You have to try everything: Erika Lindauer
Private 144

Nikki Anderson

Private 144 (December 1997)

1 day out of her life: Hyapatia
Last contract: Betty Anderson
Nikky Anderson: Nikki Anderson
Paint me down!: Ginette
The art expert: Nora
Private 145

Hyapatia, Yanka

Private 145 (February 1998)

Addiction: Hyapatia, Yanka
Beasts in heat: Peggy
Damned monotony: Jeanette Marton
Happy hour: Samantha Vagt
The lady of the castle: Carla Dori
Private 146

Sharon Ash

Private 146 (April 1998)

Eva Roberts: Eva Roberts
Fuck & Breakfast: Magalie
I'm waiting for you: Wanda Curtis
Sharon Ash: Sharon Ash
The blonde, the brunette ant the redhead: Holly, Illana Moore, Silvia Stena
Private 147

Silvia Stena

Private 147 (June 1998)

Don't forget, you're my daily dose of sex...: Katja Kean
Good manners: Karina, Keri
High heeled sluts: Holly, Illana Moore, Silvia Stena
La forza del destino: Katia Fulop
Travelling: Henriette
Private 148


Private 148 (August 1998) Eva Roberts
Samba: Luma Carioca
Swan lake: Grety
Swanny: Swanny
Temptation lives next door: Myrka
Two for the price of one: Betina Campell, Sharon Ash
Private 149

Anita Farkas

Private 149 (October 1998)

An apperitif: Natasha Kylym
Heavy smoker: Monica Cameron
Melitta's rebellion: Melitta
Speed: Yanka
That tail is mine: Anita Farkas
Private 150

Vanda Vitus

Private 150 (December 1998)

...and... prison: Vanda Vitus
Fantasies of a young girl: Evelyn Stone
Monica's recipes: Monica Herrera
Pearl of the orient: Bolivia Samsonite
Regina's wedding: Regina Sipos
Toilet tempress: Nicol
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