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10 Magnificent Blondes (Pleasure)
100% Blowjobs 01 (Jill Kelly)
100% Blowjobs 02 (Jill Kelly)
100% Blowjobs 04 (Jill Kelly)
100% Blowjobs 05 (Jill Kelly)
100% Blowjobs 06 (Jill Kelly)
100% Blowjobs 09 (Jill Kelly)
100% Blowjobs 11 (Jill Kelly)
100% Blowjobs 12 (Jill Kelly)
100% Interracial (Jill Kelly)
100% Interracial 2 (Jill Kelly)
100% Masturbations Vol.1 (Jill Kelly)
100% Masturbations Vol.2 (Jill Kelly)
100% Silvia (Jill Kelly)
18 & Naughty (Mojo)
18 Culs Bien Ouverts (JTC, fr.)
19 Ans Et Bandantes (JTC)
19 Ans Et Sublime (JTC)
2000 Ans d'Amour (Colmax)
A Holes 2 (X-traordinary)
Ace in the Hole (Legend Video) Vol. 4 (Action Girls)
Adults Cutest Girls (Mojo)
Adults Most Perfect Stars (Leisure Time)
Adventures of Pee Man 2 (Filmco)
Adventures of Peeping Tom 11 (Odyssey)
Affairs of Desire (Wicked)
Alexia & Cie (VMD)
... Dirty Deals (Wicked)
... Sex Agentur - Alexia & Co (Magma)
All Fucked Up (Amazing)
All Natural 7 (Rain)
All Star Euros (Vivid)
All The Best Blondes Vol. One (Digital Play.)
Amateur Twat Junkie Lesbos 3 (Wild Life)
America's 10 Most Wanted 03 (Generation XXX)
America's 10 Most Wanted 04 (Generation XXX)
Analt Eller Inget (Max's)
Angel Ass (United)
Angel's Contract Part 2 (VMD)
Anything & Everything Oral 2 (Sin City)
Art of Seduction (Milkum)
Ass Angels 05 (Sin City)
Ass Angels 10 (Sin City)
Ass Frenzy 04 (Sin City)
Ass Good As It Gets (Lord Perious)
Assylum (Vivid)
Avena X-tra Edition 01 (Tight Ends)
Bald Bare Legal Pussy (Mojo Video)
Bald Company (Vivid)
Bashful Ballers (Vivid)
Behind The Scenes Vol.2 (Odyssey)
Behind The Scenes Vol.3 (Odyssey)
Behind The Scenes Vol.5 (Odyssey)
Behind The Scenes Vol.7 (Odyssey)
Being Natural (Sunshine)
Bend Over Bitches (FF-21) (Zane)
Bend Over Blondes (Jet)
Best of Europe 11 ()
Best of Haven (Jill Kelly)
Best of Kerry Windsor (Jill Kelly)
Best of Pantyhose Vol.1 (Playtime)
Big Titties of Europe (Elegant Angel)
Black City ()
Black Meat Frenzy 07 (Sin City)
Blonde Dumb & Full of Cum 09 (Sin City)
Blonde Dumb & Full of Cum 10 (Sin City)
Blondes (Sin City)
Born Bad (Vivid)
Burning Ice 3: Silvia Saint (Burning Ice) (lez)
Butt Row Swallowed-The Girl of.. (Evil Angel)
Butt Wild 05 ()
Calendar Issue 2000 (Dane)
California Cocksuckers 05 (Sin City)
Call Girl (Private)
Castings X 10 (Private)
Caught On Tape! (Digital Lust)
Chateau (Private)
Christoph Clark's Obsession (Evil Angel) (lez)
Color Blind 09 (Vivid)
Color Blind 10 (Vivid)
Covergirls Video 07 (Executive)
Crazy From the Heat (Sin City)
Cum 14 (Legend)
Cum Shot Starlets (Odyssey)
Cum Shots - 5 (Anabolic)
Curves XXX 3 (Curves XXX)
Da New Brat - Lacey (Afro-Centric)
Dalila Prostitution A Domicile (VMD)
Dangerous Things (Private)
Dangerous Things 2 (Private)
Das Beste Aus Teeny Exzesse 2 (Videorama)
Delirious 05 Hardcore Thrills (AVN Video)
Delirious 06 Young Players (AVN Video)
Devoured (Ultimate)
Dick Loving Bitches Vol.1 (Plum Prod.)
Dick Loving Bitches Vol.2 (Plum Prod.)
Dick Loving Bitches Vol.3 (Plum Prod.)
Dick Loving Bitches Vol.4 (Plum Prod.)
Dick Loving Bitches Vol.5 (Plum Prod.)
Dick Loving Bitches Vol.6 (Plum Prod.)
Dick Loving Bitches Vol.7 (Plum Prod.)
Die Madchen vom Lande (MMV)
Die Traumfrau (MMV)
Digital Lust Vol.1 (Sintec)
Diva Las Vegas (Sunshine)
Doggie Style 09 (Sin City)
Doggie Style 10 (Sin City)
Dream Master (Sin City)
Dreaming of Silvia (Pleasure)
Dychko (Metro)
Dynamite Blowjobs 05 (Sin City)
Dynamite Blowjobs 07 (Sin City)
Dynamite Blowjobs 10 (Sin City)
Eat Me 2 (Sin City)
Ecstasy Girls (Odyssey)
Ecstasy Girls 3 (Odyssey)
Ecstasy Girls 6 (Odyssey)
Ecstasy Girls Platinum 1 (Odyssey)
Ecstasy Girls Platinum 2 (Odyssey)
Ecstasy Girls Platinum 4 (Odyssey)
Ecstasy Girls Raw And Uncens. (Odyssey)
Ecstasy Girls Raw And Uncens. 2 (Odyssey)
En Viking I Hollywood (Aktuell Raport)
Erotique Expressions (Dream Ent., Cz.) (lez)
... Sex Expressions (Dorcel, Fr.)
Euro Angels 13 - Fun Funnels (Evil Angel)
Euro Babes 1 (Metro)
Euro Domination 3 (Evil Angel)
European Cuntinent (Elegent Angel)
European Cuntinent 01 (Elegant Angel)
... Bose Madchen 3 (MMV)
Eve Spy Chasey Lain (Vivid)
Extreme Co-Eds Paradise 12 (Sunshine)
Extreme Doggie 04 ()
Fetish Desires (Dream Ent.) (lez)
Fetish Lesbos 2 (Swank Digital)
Finger in The Dyke (Vivid)
Frech Und Saugeil (Teeny Exzesse)
Fresh Meat 4 (Evil Angel)
... Silvia Et Les Vicieuses Minettes (VMD)
Frisches Fleisch 8 (MMV)
Fuck Club (Studio X, Fr.) (lez)
Fuck Frenzy #04 ()
Fuck Monti (Top Line Video)
... Les Caprices De Miss Monti (VMD)
Fuck My Ass Please 8 (Sin City)
Fuck My Ass Please 9 (Sin City)
Fuck-O-Rama 8 ()
Gigant 6 (Max's)
Gigant 7 (Max's)
Gigant 9 (Max's)
Girls Eating Out Girls ()
Girls In Leather 4 ()
Girls Who Cum Hard: Gauge (Pleasure Prod)
Girly Girls 3 ()
Girly Girls 18 (Metro)
Good Girls Gone Bad (Midnight)
Group Fuckers 03 ()
Group Fuckers 06 ()
Group Therapy 10 ()
Hardball 12 (Evil Angel)
Harley Bitch (AVN Video)
Hawaiian Ecstasy (Private)
Heat - Volume 1 (Adam & Eve)
Helen Does Prague (Helen Duval)
Helen Duval's Wild 'N' Wet (Pleasure Prod)
Hell Is Where The Party Is (Miss Lucifer) (lez)
Hot Blonde Bitches Vol.3 (Wildlife)
Hot Bods and Tail Pipe 14 (Celestial)
Hot Legs (Elegant Angel)
Hot Pink 2 (Adam & Eve)
Hotdorix (Colmax)
How Swede It Is (Vivid)
I Love Silvia Saint (Private)
I Play With Sylvia (Mad Media)
In Search of Awesome Pussy 8 (VCA)
In Your Dreams (VCA/Xcel)
In the Mind of Madness (Video Team)
... 666 (Boss Film)
... Les Outrages Extremes De Silvia (VMD)
Infirmieres D'Urgence (Colmax)
Innocent Vol.15 (Quickies)
Inside Peaches (Viv Thomas) (lez)
Inside Porn (Wicked)
International Butt Babes 02 ()
Interracial Erotica (West Coast)
Irresistible Silvie (Private)
It Ain't Easy Being Sleazy 2 (Pure Filth)
Italian Legacy (Private)
Jackpot (Max's)
Jaw Breakers (Anarchy)
Jill And Silvia Exposed (Jill Kelly)
Joey Silvera's All-Star Blondes 2 (Evil Angel)
Junge Nymphos - TeenyStories 3 (Videorama)
Kay Tees 01 - Butt Babes ()
Killer Blowjobs 04 (Sin City)
Kinky Lickers 4 (Metro)
L'Acedemie Du Sex 2 (JTC)
L'Acedemie Du Sex 3 (JTC)
L'Acedemie Du Sex 4 (JTC)
L'Emmerdeuse (Blue One)
L'Enjeu Du Desir (VMD)
... Affairs of Desire (Wicked)
L'Exorcista (Pinko)
... Exorcist X-Plus (Adult Tip Top)
La Fete A Gigi (VMD)
La Fievre Au Corps (VMD)
Labyrinthe (VMD)
Ladies Homo Journal (Vivid)
Lady Of The Rings (Private)
Lady Of The Rings 2 (Private) (lez)
Le Contrat Des Agnes 2 (VMD)
Le Obstacles De L'Amour (Private)
Lee Nover 02 - Search for the Perfect Breast ()
Leg Action 1 (Swank Digital) (lez)
Leg Affair 13 (H2 Video) (lez)
Lesbian Dreams 2: A Pussy Paradiseas Silvia Saint (Private) (lez)
Lesbian Sleepover (Mojo)
Lesbiche (Pinko)
Lets Fuck 09 (Sin City)
Lez-Mania 2 (New Sensations) (lez)
Lick My Legs (Elegant Angel)
Looker (Pleasure)
Looker 2 - Femme Fatale (Pleasure)
Mad About Silvia - Blondes Have More Fun (Mad Multimedia)
Miss Erotica (Evil Angel)
Misty Rains Worldwide Sex 4 (New Sensations)
Misty Rains Worldwide Sex 9 (New Sensations)
Monde Interdit (Colmax)
Mouth Wide Open (Heatwave)
Multi Angle Sex (VCA)
My Girlfriend Silvia Saint (Digital Play.)
My Plaything: Silvia Saint (Digital Sin)
Nasty Dirty Sluts 1 (Wildlife)
Nasty Flixxx (Jill Kelly)
Nasty Flixxx 2 (Jill Kelly)
Nasty Nymphos 17 (Anabolic)
Neri Per Silvia (Boss Film)
Nightlife in Prague (Pleasure)
Nineteen Video Magazine 22 (Dane)
... 19 Ans Et Top Canons (JTC)
Nineteen Video Magazine 29 (Dane)
No Man's Land Behind The Scenes Interracial Edition (Video Team)
No Man's Land Interracial Edition 3 (Video Team)
North Pole 07 (New Sensations)
Nylon Nymphos 1 - Sylvia Saint's Stocking Tease ()
Nympho-Mania 9 ()
Olivia is Pink Inside (Executive)
On Your Knees 7 ()
On Your Knees 8 ()
Once You Go Black - A Cocks Tale (Video Team)
Once You Go Black - Black Bang (Video Team)
Once You Go Black - Blonde On Black Attack (Video Team)
Once You Go Black - Culture Clash (Video Team)
Once You Go Black - Lez Get It Off (Video Team)
Once You Go Black - Lovely Lesbians (Video Team)
Once You Go Black - Soul Impressions (Video Team)
Once You Go Black - Twats Up (Video Team)
Oral Adventures Of Craven Moorehead 11 (Celestial)
Orgasm Maker Returns ()
Outdoor Hookers 08 ()
Oversexed Video Magazine 02 (Prime)
Overtime 148 (Video Team)
PPV - 540 (Playtime)
PPV - 547 (Playtime)
PPV - 549 (Playtime)
PPV - 657 (Playtime)
Paris Sex (Pinko)
Passion Tales (Odyssey)
Passione Pura - Toccami (Pink'o, It.)
Peeping Tom 11 (Odyssey)
Peeping Tom 18 (Odyssey)
Perfection (AVN Video)
Perfection - Porn Angels (Black Magic) (lez)
Pick Up Chicks ()
Pickup Lines 22 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 23 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 24 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 28 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 38 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 39 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 40 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 48 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 50 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 51 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 76 (Silverstone)
Pirate 12 Hell's Belles (Private)
Planet Silver (FusXion) (lez)
Pornocide (Sin City)
Private Life Of Kate More (Private)
Private Life Of Laura Angel (Private)
Private Life Of Lea De Mae (Private)
Private Life Of Silvia Saint (Private)
Private Life Of Wanda Curtis (Private)
Private Performance 137 Girlfriends 2 (JSayler)
Private Stories 27 (Private)
Private Triple X 23 (Private)
Private Triple X 24 (Private)
Private Triple X 29 (Private)
Private Triple X Files 1 (Private)
Private Triple X Files 4 (Private)
Private Triple X Files 5 (Private)
Private Triple X Files 9 (Private)
Private XXX 09 (Private)
Private XXX 10 (Private)
Private XXX 11 (Private)
Private XXX: Body XXX (Private) (lez)
Psy-Chic (Legend)
Puritan Video Magazine 15 (Legend)
Pussyman's International Butt Babes 2 (Legend)
Raw Uncensored 2 (Nasty Pixxx)
Raw Uncensored 3 (Nasty Pixxx)
Raw Vol.1 (Nasty Pixxx)
Raw Vol.2 (Nasty Pixxx)
Reward! Vol.3 (Generation XXX)
Roadside Sluts 5 ()
Roadside Sluts 6 ()
Robinson Crusoe on Sin Island (Private) (lez)
Rocco's Best Butt Fucks (Evil Angel)
Rocco's Private Fantasies 1 (Evil Angel)
Rocco's Private Fantasies 2 (Evil Angel)
Rocco's True Anal Stories 1 (Evil Angel)
Rock Steady (Pleasure)
Rosemarie's Body ()
Roxy Jezel's Fuck Me (Evil Angel)
Saints and Sinners (Dreamland)
Searching For Silvia (Viv Thomas)
Secret World (Pleasure)
Secrets (Jill Kelly)
Secrets 2 (Jill Kelly)
Seducing Silvia (American)
Semen Gulpers 6 ()
Sex 4 Life, Too (Xplor)
Sex Deluxe (Sin City)
Sex Files 4 (Xplor)
Sex Gallery (Wildlife)
Sex Offenders 10 (Wicked)
Sextament (X-Kiss)
Sexy Blonde Bimbos ()
Shades Of Red (XVision)
Shades Of Sex 2 (Adam & Eve)
Shane's Slumber Party 14 (Odyssey)
She Licks Girls 1 (Hot Boxxx)
She Licks Girls 3 (Digital Sin)
Silvia Does It Again (In-X-Cess)
Silvia Exposed (Jill Kelly)
Silvia Saint - Die Superschlampe (XY)
Silvia's Cream (Jill Kelly)
Silvia's Diary (Pleasure)
Silvia's Spell 1 (In-X-Cess)
Silvia's Spell 2 (In-X-Cess)
Silvia's Spell 3 (In-X-Cess)
Skin Deep (Plum)
Skirts 1/2 Off (Vivid)
Slumber Party 14 (Odyssey)
Smorgasbroad (Vivid)
Snooker Hooker (AVN Video)
Sodomania Slop Shots 4 (Elegant Angel)
Sodomania Slop Shots 6 (Elegant Angel)
Sodomania Slop Shots 9 (Elegant Angel)
Solitaire Vol.1 (Private Perf.)
Stringers 3 (Notorious)
Stringers 4 (Notorious)
Striscia...La Coscia (Nicholas Moore)
Stuff My Mouth 07 (Sin City)
Stuff My Mouth 09 (Sin City)
Suck My Tits (Mojo)
Super Erotica 4 (Bestseller)
Superstars of Porn 16 - Silvia Saint (Pleasure)
Superstars of Porn 17 - Silvia Saint Pt.2 (Pleasure)
Sweet 18 From Prague Vol. 1 (Metro)
Sweet 18 From Prague Vol. 2 (Metro)
Sweet 18 From Prague Vol. 3 (Metro)
Sweet 18 From Prague Vol. 4 (Metro)
Sweet 18 From Prague Vol. 5 (Metro)
Sweet 18 From Prague Vol. 6 (Metro)
Swift Picks (Wicked)
Sylvia Does It Again (In-X-Cess)
Sylvia Saint (JBvideo)
Sylvia Saint's Stocking Tease ()
Sylvie Meets (AVN Video)
Tales Of The Clit (Viv Thomas) (lez)
Taped College Confessions 13 (Rain)
Teeny Anal-yse (Videorama)
Teeny Stories 3: Junge Nymphos (Videorama)
Teeny: Eine so junge Spalte ist wie ein Jungbrunnen (Goldlight)
The Academy (Private)
The Art Of Kissing 2 (Viv Thomas) (lez)
The Art Of Seduction (America)
The Ball Buster (Hustler)
The Climax Collection (Viv Thomas)
The Complete Coed (Vivid)
The Complete Czechs (Vivid)
The Double Anal Club 1 (Xplor)
The First Time I Fucked A Girl (Sunshine)
The Hottest Girls In Adult (Leisure)
The Loadman Cummith Vol 1 (Devil's Film)
The Maze (VMD)
The Meeting (AVN Video)
The Porn Star (Amor Medien)
The Return Of Silvia Saint ()
The Sexual Adventures Of Little Red (Private)
The Understudy (Pleasure)
The Voyeur 9 (Evil Angel)
This Way For Euro Play (Vivid)
Top XXX Models Euro Superstar Edition (Channel 69)
United Colors of Ass (Video Team)
United Colors of Ass 7 (Video Team)
Up For Grabs (Adam & Eve)
Up For Grabs 2 (Adam & Eve)
Uranus Experiment 1 (Private)
Uranus Experiment 2 (Private)
Uranus Experiment 3 (Private)
Vagitarians 07 (Underground)
Variations: Temptations 2 (Penthouse)
Variations: The Escort (Penthouse)
VeneXiana (Moonlight, It.) (dp)
Verfuhrt (Tabu)
Video Previews 4 (Jb Video)
Voices (Pleasure)
Wanted Connie Lingus (Metro)
Wet Dreams 7 (Digital Playgr)
Wet Dreams 8 (Digital Playgr)
Whats The Wurst That Could Happen - Assburger (Vivid)
When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 2 (Vivid)
When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play (Vivi)
White Panty Chronicles 16 (Rain)
Wild For Woody (Vivid)
Wilde Schwestern (Teeny Exzesse)
Women Loving Women (Leisure Time)
X-Girls (Adam & Eve)
XCalibur (Woodman Entertainment) (lez)
XCalibur 2 (Woodman Entertainment) (lez)
Xtreme Desires (Private)
You Bring Out The Wurst In Me (Vivid)
Young Girls In Dark Territory (Silverstone)


Best of Private X (Private)
Best of Private XI (Private)
Blue Climax 71 (Color Climax) (anal)
Club International Vol. 30.13 (PRP, UK.)
Hustler XXX Magazine 6 (Hustler)
Pirate Magazine 53 (Private)
Pirate Magazine 63 (Private)
Private Magazine 141 (Private)
Private Magazine 142 (Private)
Teenage Schoolgirls 54 (Color Climax) (anal)
The Private Lifes of (Private)
Triple X Magazine 29 (Private)
Triple X Magazine 34 (Private)
Triple X Magazine 37 (Private)
Triple X Magazine 59 (Private)


2005-10-08 Day 3 - Guest Star
2005-10-08 Day 3 - Family Picture
2006-10-07 FICEB 2006 day three
2006-10-09 FICEB 2006 day five awards
2007-10-09 FICEB 2007
2007-12-10 What goes around, cums around - again
2008-07-05 Miss Lucifer Girlz

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