PRIVATE MAGAZINES INDEX (by David X, noproblemo & Takezho)
When Berth Milton Jr took over his father in the early nineties, he decided to refurbish their ageing magazine line. He did so in hiring an intrepid French photographer and a new Spanish editor. Their motto: fresh new girls all doing anal. Picking up the most beautiful models from Eastern Europe, one might say they overachieved their initial goal...

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Triple X 41

Anita Farkas

Triple X 41 (May 2001)

Out hunting!!: Alexis Amore, Violet Blue
Taking mesurements: Angel, Anita Farkas
Video report : Eve, insane obsession: Claudia Ricci
World wild tour: Niki Montana
Triple X 42

Jill Kelly

Triple X 42 (July 2001)

A voyeur in my suite: Claudia Claire
Crossing through the desert: Claudia Ricci
Dancing with the bomb: Jill Kelly
Video report : Eternal ecstasy: Sophie Evans
Triple X 43


Triple X 43 (September 2001)

Adrienne Klass: Adrienne Klass
Nicole: Nikol
On the road with Nikita Denise: Nikita Denise
Video report : Without limits: Sandra Iron
Triple X 44

Claudia Clair

Triple X 44 (November 2001)

Easy rider: Nikita Denise
Eva devours Paris: Severine
Interview : Michelle Wild: Michelle Wild
Sunset: Claudia Claire
Triple X 45

Niki Montana

Triple X 45 (January 2002)

Caroline playing with paper dolls: Kata Lynn
Forbiden fantasy: Melissa
Report : Meet Sophie Evans: Sophie Evans
Total madness: Niki Montana
Triple X 46

Nikita Denise

Triple X 46 (March 2002)

Interview : Nikita Denise: Nikita Denise
Jewel De Nyle: Jewel De Nyle
Nikita Denise: Nikita Denise
Pink party: Melissa, Nikol
Triple X 47

Claudia Ricci

Triple X 47 (May 2002)

A lady on stage: Claudia Ricci
Gourmet sex: Grety
Sex, fight & pleasure: Candy Apples
Spirit of the race: Celia Blanco
Video report : Gladiator: Rita Faltoyano
Triple X 48

Jodie Moore

Triple X 48 (July 2002)

Racing: Sophie Evans
Report : Jodie Moore: Jody Moore
Rita Faltoyano: Rita Faltoyano
Sexual rescue: Samantha Sterling
Triple X 49


Triple X 49 (September 2002)

F1-Live Lina: Olena
French kiss from Paris: Lisa Guerlain
Luisa De Marco & Isabel: Isabel, Luisa De Marco
Triple X 50

Nikita Denise

Triple X 50 (November 2002)

Brittney Skye pornstar: Brittany Skye
Mud wrestling: Carla, Justine De Sade
Nikita Denise caged: Nikita Denise
Universe XXX: Claudia Claire, Jody Moore
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