PRIVATE MAGAZINES INDEX (by David X, noproblemo & Takezho)
When Berth Milton Jr took over his father in the early nineties, he decided to refurbish their ageing magazine line. He did so in hiring an intrepid French photographer and a new Spanish editor. Their motto: fresh new girls all doing anal. Picking up the most beautiful models from Eastern Europe, one might say they overachieved their initial goal...

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Triple X 11

Carole Dubois

Triple X 11 (May 1996)

Good vibrations: Sophie Call
Ibiza mix: Edina Erfalvi
Rodomania: Melinda Karmon
That's the way she is: Kaitlyn Ashley
The egotist: Carole Dubois
Urgent service: Vivienne
Triple X 12

Paisley Hunter

Triple X 12 (July 1996)

Bachelor party: Diane Kisabonyi
Body heat: Megia
Caroline's revenge: OcéAne
Escape from the harem: Julia Spain
Paisley park: Paisley Hunter
Seafood: Monica Covaci
Triple X 13


Triple X 13 (September 1996)

Anal debt: Gabrielle Blicq
Cock collector: Sandrine
Hollywood dreams: Tracy Love
Hot summer: Christy Lake
Sex by weight: Blondie
Triple X 14

Triple X 14 (November 1996)

Happy birthday: Diana Vincent
Pirates: Regina Pisareva
Saturday night: Nikky
Strangers in paradise: Orsolya
Super cunt contest: Anna Yanna
The boss' daughter: Carole Dubois
Triple X 15

Anita Gyongy

Triple X 15 (January 1997)

Autumn fantasies: Gina
Sales techniques: Diane Kisabonyi
Sexual revenge: Anita Gyongy
Stretching: Nicolette Alex
The interview: Magella
The underwear affair: Anike
Triple X 16

Gabriella Bond

Triple X 16 (March 1997)

Everything under the sun: Gabriella Bond
Garden sex: Kristina Schwartz
Grateful three times over: Olivia Del Rio
Right-hand girl: Maria De Sanchez
Super model: Julia Tchernei, Nikki Anderson
The stripping game: Kim
Triple X 17

Nikki Anderson

Triple X 17 (May 1997)

Enjoy your dessert: Patricia Seregi
Funny night: Carole Dubois
Hot lava: Alexa Schiffer
The auction: Andrea Tiffany Segal
Wet, wet, wet: Nikki Anderson
Triple X 18

Carla Dori

Triple X 18 (July 1997)

Do you want to play?: Suzan, Krizstina Zambo
Erika & the sodomizer: Erika Lindauer
I love luxury: Carla Dori
The visit: Judith, Krisztina Sebiany
Triple X 19


Triple X 19 (September 1997)

Check the queen: Maryline
Good morning Adrienne: Adrienne
Myrka's photo session: Myrka
Summer tales: Victoria
Triple X 20

Gabriella Bond

Triple X 20 (November 1997)

I need to warm up: Myriam
Maneater: Katarina Martinez
Nora's desires: Nora
She always wants more...: Peggy Sue
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