PRIVATE MAGAZINES INDEX (by David X, noproblemo & Takezho)
When Berth Milton Jr took over his father in the early nineties, he decided to refurbish their ageing magazine line. He did so in hiring an intrepid French photographer and a new Spanish editor. Their motto: fresh new girls all doing anal. Picking up the most beautiful models from Eastern Europe, one might say they overachieved their initial goal...

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Pirate 31


Pirate 31 (May 1995)

All woman want to be famous: Illana Moore
No room left !: Melinda Karmon
Poster : Agnes: Agnes Faludi
Retake exam: Kristina Kovacs
Say cheese darling !: Ania
Sonia: Sonia Da Silva
Pirate 32

Joy Kiss

Pirate 32 (July 1995)

Banana girl: Joy Kiss
Fick me or leave me: Valentina Velasquez
From supersales to superslut: Holly Black
Little white ridinghood: Nataly
Poster : Joo Min: Joo Min Lee
Sex in paradise: Jacqueline Wild
Tropical orgasms: Gabrielle Scream, Nicolette Alex
Pirate 33

Anita Gyongy

Pirate 33 (September 1995)

Happily married: Nataly
Strong currents: Agnes Faludi, Monica Covaci
The pianist: Anita Gyongy
Trapped by sex: Kristy Lion
Virgin territory: Ludmilla
Wild sex: Gabrielle Scream
Pirate 34

Elisabeth King

Pirate 34 (November 1995)

A rich bitch or a lady: Elisabeth King
Dial 69 for room service: Ludmilla
Intensive care (Lana): Sweet Lana
Poster : szilvia: Szylvia
The horny guide: Nicolette Alex
The secret of the Sphynx: Kiss
Tropical salad: Kristy Lion
Pirate 35

Monique Covet

Pirate 35 (January 1996)

Crocodile tamer: Monica Covet
Flying tools: Kathy Kash
Gone with the fuck: Anita Gyongy
Poster : Ivy: Ivy
Seven guys: Aliona
Sex 'n' bike: Nicolette Szabo
What a maid !: Szylvia
Pirate 36

Ivy Crystal

Pirate 36 (March 1996)

A good milk bath: Ivy Crystal
Creamy dream: Olivia Del Rio
Do you think I'm horny: Nastia
Evelyne & Gabrielle: Evelyne, Gabrielle Scream
Interview : Valentina: Valentina Velasquez
Oh, what a heat !: AnaïS
Poster : Myrtelle: Illana Moore, Illana Moore
Winter sports: Demia Moore, Simone
Pirate 37


Pirate 37 (May 1996)

Amongst studs: Evelyne
Chanonne's soufflé: Channone
Love sweeties: Edina Szoke
Poster : Sofia: Sofia
Rich man, poor man: Monica Orsini
Sex tourism: Irina Dener
Video maniacs: Claire Orchidea
Pirate 38

Cecilia Grout

Pirate 38 (July 1996)

"Danger: High Voltage"
Coffee & cream: Pearl
Imagination or reality: Ania
In love... with his male organ: Cecile Grout
Intimate party: Andy Priscilla
Sex in the dark: Kristina Soderszky
Pirate 39

Julia Spain

Pirate 39 (September 1996)

Grand Tenerife: Adele Vanaga
Lustful sensation: Cherelle
Scared: Sophia Ferrari
The pleasure of reconciliation: Julia Spain
The thirsty mermaid: Nicolette Alex
Three better than one: Lovette
Pirate 40

Monique Covet

Pirate 40 (November 1996)

From dreaming to fuck... to wake up fucking...: Monica Covet
The dark side of China Moon: China Moon
The happy widow: Dalny
Virtual reality: Cecile Grout
Vivienne's Toronto experience: Vivienne
Wildly pierced: Jasmine
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