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Blue Eyed Wonder

20-year-old czech new talent and mega-cutie Melany Jolie turns to EuroBabeIndex's pet mascot Bunny Darko and answers a few questions on the set of Devil's Film "Interracial Reverse Gangbang 2"(no release date yet). An exclusive EBI interview.


When Melany Jolie told me that she would shoot in Prague that day, I immediately called her agent to arrange an interview on location. Patrixxx, the director, kindly agreed to the interview but forgot to give me the address of the production (he had been extremely busy that day - more on that in his interview, coming soon to EBI). I took a plane anyway and headed down to Prague.

I got a message from Patrixxx right after I flew into town, he apologized for not getting back to me sooner, and gave me the address of the shoot (Nice guy, this Patrixxx). I was lucky, because the shoot was only 5 minutes away from my hotel - hopping distance. I got there soon after and one of the two makeup artists opened the street door for me then ushered me into the appartment. Patrixxx introduced himself, and showed me around.

I spotted Melany chatting with Kathy Cute, a blonde with huge enhanced puppies. Melany gave me a coy smile when she saw me. Next to them were pornstar Lilian Tiger, and two other girls I had never seen before, Lena and Nikol. They were going to start taking pictures for the DVD jacket, so I proceeded to interview Patrixxx first. After the pictures were done, the lovely Melany came into the room and I started her interview. It started slowly, then she warmed up progressively :)

(Translated from czech)

Bunny Darko: Hi, how you doin'?

Melany Jolie: Good...(smiles)

Bunny Darko: Are you wearing any underwear?

Melany Jolie: No I don't have panties. (flashes her pussy)

Bunny Darko: Beautiful eyes...!

Melany Jolie: Thank you (shy smile)

Bunny Darko: What do you think of this production?

Melany Jolie: Good...

Bunny Darko: Do you know how it's called?

Melany Jolie: I don't know.

Bunny Darko: Reverse Gangbang 2. Can you say it for me? (Note: she doesn't speak english)

Melany Jolie: Ah nah, this is hard!

Bunny Darko: Come on, try it... Reverse...Gaaangbang...twoooo

Melany Jolie: Gangbang...2

Bunny Darko: Good!!

Melany Jolie: (laughs)

Bunny Darko: So, what do you think of Patrixxx?

Melany Jolie: He's very kind, a good guy.

Bunny Darko: Really?

Melany Jolie: Really.

Bunny Darko: He doesn't understand czech?

Melany Jolie: No. (Note: He's French)

Bunny Darko: He said you've got great tits, and beautiful eyes.

Melany Jolie: (turns to Patrixxx) Thank you! (smiles)

Bunny Darko: I like your hairdo.

Melany Jolie: Yeah? (smiles) (Note: she smiles a lot!)

Bunny Darko: (To Patrixxx) Do you know she's a hairdresser?

Patrixxx: Yeah?

Melany Jolie: Yeah...

Patrixxx: (Speaking czech) 100%?!

Melany Jolie: 100%! (laughs)

Bunny Darko: I think you really need to learn more English, Melany...

Melany Jolie: Yeah, I know (blushes a bit)

Bunny Darko: So, how was your shoot for Max Bellochio? (Note: The shoot was in La Reunion mid-july, for Private)

Melany Jolie: Difficult.

Bunny Darko: And why difficult?

Melany Jolie: Very long.

Bunny Darko: Only because it was very long? Not because of the food or the heat?

Melany Jolie: No, a lot of "comedie" (Note: acting scenes where the actors have a dialog). All day long!

Bunny Darko: And this was a problem for you... But you did well?

Melany Jolie: Yes, I did. (smiles)

Bunny Darko: But how did you pull it off, if you don't speak English?

Melany Jolie: Someone told me in advance what to say and I repeated.

Bunny Darko: You didn't understand?

Melany Jolie: No, not a single word!

Bunny Darko: You need a dictionary.

Melany Jolie: (kicks me)

Bunny Darko: *OW!*

After I (reluctantly) agree to give her private English lessons, the interview resumes.

Bunny Darko: When did you have sex for the first time?

Melany Jolie: I was 15.

Bunny Darko: With whom was it?

Melany Jolie: A boy! (Pause) My boyfriend!

Bunny Darko: Really?! I thought it was with a dog!

Melany Jolie: Nah!

Bunny Darko: You don't like dogs?

Melany Jolie: For sex no!

Bunny Darko: Was it good?

Melany Jolie: No. First sex no.

Bunny Darko: Why?

Melany Jolie: Bad partner.

Bunny Darko: Bad?

Melany Jolie: Small.

Bunny Darko: Mmm (Note: I can hear a thousand guys cringe from here).

Bunny Darko: Will you ever do anal? (Note: Her agency listed her as 'classic' only, ie, no anal)

Melany Jolie: Maybe.

Bunny Darko: MAYBE?! And when??

Melany Jolie: Today!

Bunny Darko: Really?! (Note: Patrixxx told me during his interview that Melany does neither anal nor DP and that was too bad)

Melany Jolie: Yeah!

Bunny Darko: (Turning to Patrixxx) We have a scoop here, she just told me she's ready for anal!!

Patrixxx: (Stops working on the computer and looks at Melany) Oh that's right, you know what? I'm losing my fuckin' mind here, her agent told me yesterday that she was going to try anal today for me... (turns to Melany) Yesterday, Martin (Note: her agent) said you will try to do anal, yes?

Melany Jolie: Yes.

Bunny Darko: With Dillon? (Note: Dillon Day) But he's got a big dick...

Patrixxx: (To Melany) No no no small!

(Note: I can hear a million guys cringe from here - For those who haven't seen the size of Dillon's tool, he's not quite shopping in the kids' department...)

Bunny Darko: So you know how to clean your poop-chute?

Melany Jolie: Yeah I know. (Note: Lessons learned from Lilian Tiger, while shooting with Jane Darling, Sharka Blue, Monika Sweetheart for the latest Private Tropical)

Bunny Darko: (To Patrixxx) When is her scene?

Patrixxx: Soon! In fact, I should call Dillon now.

Bunny Darko: (To Melany) So today will be your first anal?

Melany Jolie: Second.

Bunny Darko: DP?

Melany Jolie: No! There's only one guy...

Bunny Darko: But I'm getting a hard-on!

Melany Jolie: (laughs)

Bunny Darko: I'm just kidding.

Melany Jolie: Who is the interview for?

Bunny Darko:

Melany Jolie: Paris?

Bunny Darko: No, Italy. Do you want bigger boobs?

Melany Jolie: Well.... Yeah, a little bigger. (Note: she's already had a boob job)

Bunny Darko: And do you want a bigger ass?

Melany Jolie: I don't want a bigger ass!!!

Bunny Darko: I think it's bigger already.

Melany Jolie: NAAAAAAH!

Bunny Darko: (smiles) No? Show me! (She doesn't) Bah, I'll see it anyway because you're doing anal soon!

Melany Jolie: No, you cannot watch!

Bunny Darko: No??!? Why not?!

Melany Jolie: Because I will be nervous.

Bunny Darko: Ok...You're nervous?

Melany Jolie: A little bit.

Bunny Darko: And why?

Melany Jolie: Because it's going to be my second anal!

Bunny Darko: And?!

Melany Jolie: I'm scared. I will be nervous if you watch me.

Bunny Darko: (silence)

Melany Jolie: Do you have my DVD's? (Note: She asked me a few weeks ago to find her DVD's for her so she can watch them)

Bunny Darko: Uh, I will have your pictures.

Melany Jolie: Mine?

Bunny Darko: Yeah.

Melany Jolie: From Patrixxx?

Bunny Darko: Yes. And at the end of the month I will get one DVD with you. (Note: 18 year old pussy #8, from Devil's Film, which will be released end of august 05)

Melany Jolie: And the pictures?

Bunny Darko: Pictures from Patrixxx.

Melany Jolie: And you will give them to me? You will give me the photos also? I want the photos! I will have my photos? Today?

Bunny Darko: Yes.

Melany Jolie: And you will give them to me?! (in English) *GIVE ME!* (smiles)

Bunny Darko: Ok, ok! But please I wanna see your anal scene, please-please-please!

Melany Jolie: On video...

Bunny Darko: What does it mean 'on video'?

Melany Jolie: They will show it on video afterwards. After the shoot, they show it on video, you will be able to see then.

Bunny Darko: Ok.

Melany Jolie: Ok?

Bunny Darko: Ok.

Melany Jolie: Finished?

Bunny Darko: Yeah. Ciao!

Melany Jolie: Ciao! (smiles and waves goodbye)

Two days later, Melany calls me up... We agree to meet at Hlavne Nadrazi, the central train station in Prague, for a drink before I'm off to Bunnyville.

Melany lives in a village that's an hour and a half away by train from Prague. I send her an SMS to tell her how to find me inside the train station, and shortly after 1pm she arrives... along with her *mother*.


Bunny Darko: (To Melany) Ahoj! (Hello in Czech) (To her Mom) Hello! (Kiss)

Melany Jolie: This is my mother, J*beeeep*

Bunny Darko: Nice to finally meet you! (Note: Melany previously said she wanted me to meet her mom)

Melany's Mom: Hello.

Melany asks her mom what she wants to drink, and comes back with orange juice and a cup of hot tea. I'm still working on my carrot juice.

We chit-chat for a bit, and I'm looking at both of them together. Her mom doesn't look too much like Melany, she has large breasts, a different shape of nose, different smile, even her blue eyes have a different shade of blue. But they definitely share the same half-curly half-straight mane of hair. Melany's mom tells me Melany resembles her father.

Melany said that her mom is more like her best friend rather than her mom, and that she grew up without a dad, since he took off while she was still a child.

Melany's mom tells me that in the village they're from, every man has at least two 'milenka' (mistress, but only for sex, not for love!) and that she doesn't know one woman there who doesn't have a secret lover.

This may sound surprising at first, but this is not the first time I hear such story. Another model told me that her mom has a 'milenec', a fuck-buddy, and that he doesn't want her for anything else.

Melany still lives with her mom, but wants to move out as soon as she gets enough money to get her own place. She wants to live in Prague, and Prague is expensive.

While waiting for them to arrive I prepared another bunch of questions on paper for Melany. I give her a pen and she starts writing the answers on my little notebook.

In the meantime, I ask her mom how was Melany when she was a kid. Her answer: "Cuddly, playful, independent, and such a little rascal!"

I can't help thinking that Melany has since then learned how to perfect her scheming ways to get what she wants from men partial to cuddly, playful, sexy little rascals. Honey for the bees...

I ask her what she thinks of her daughter's work.

She thinks for a moment, looks away, and says that it's just work, and that she doesn't mind.

To make a long story short, I know this hasn't always been the case, with her mother actively opposing her doing hardcore, but it looks like the dust has since settled.

Here are the questions Melany answered on paper while I chatted with her mom:

Bunny Darko: You've got great boobs. How old are they?

Melany Jolie: Seven months old.

Bunny Darko: What don't you like in men?

Melany Jolie: I hate selfish men. Phonies. (Note: This ought to be interesting, this is exactly how her mom described Melany's current boyfriend in another discussion with her)

Bunny Darko: What was your first movie called?

Melany Jolie: I don't know, they didn't tell me the name.

Bunny Darko: How was your first anal scene? Your second one yesterday? Your ass hurts now?

Melany Jolie: The first anal scene hurt, the second one hurt, and my ass still hurts today! (Note: I saw her anal scene with Dillon Day in Reverse Gangbang 2, and she takes it like she's related to Julie Silver)

Bunny Darko: Do you want to shoot with more than two guys? If so, how many?

Melany Jolie: I don't want to shoot with more than two guys. Two is good.

Bunny Darko: Why not more than two guys?

Melany Jolie: I prefer more girls.

Bunny Darko: Who are your favorite actor and actress?

Melany Jolie: Vin Diesel, Angelina Jolie.

I had to stop the interview and rush back to the airport in my bunnymousine. I gave them a lift to the mall, which was on the way to my hotel. I kissed them goodbye, picked up my luggage and hopped into the plane.

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Photos courtesy of Patrixxx / Devil's Film: "Eighteen Year Old Pussy #8" and "Reverse Gangbang #2"

All other photos copyright Bunny Darko Photography.

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