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Also known as

  • Carrie Hansen, Jana, Lisa, Patricia, Sofia, Sophia, Yana, Yenna



  • ALS Scan Video 11: Jana & Patricie (ALS Scan) (mast,lez)
  • ALS Scan Video 5: Jana (ALS Scan) (mast)
  • Bob's Video 134: Gettin' Off Easy (Bob's Videos) (mast)
  • Bob's Video 138: A Pretty Pantyhose Princess & Her Friends (Bob's Videos) (no sex)
  • Bob's Video 140: Men's Magazines Shots (Bob's Videos) (no sex)
  • Bob's Video 141: Posing For Love and Money (Bob's Videos)
  • Daniella's New Shades (Bob's Videos) (no sex)
  • Foreign Sneaky Peeks: Czech Girls IV (Chesapeake) (soft)
  • Hot Body Competition: Beverly Hills Covergirl Model Contest (Chesapeake) (soft)
  • Hot Body Competition: Contest Girl Of The Year (Chesapeake) (soft)
  • Hot Body Video Magazine: Best Of Video Magazine V (Chesapeake) (soft)
  • Hot Body Video Magazine: Nikki At Night (Chesapeake) (soft)
  • House of Legs 2: Hosed (Bob's Videos) (no sex)
  • House of Legs 3: Pantyhosed (Bob's Videos)
  • House of Legs 4: Toehold (Bob's Videos) (no sex)
  • House of Legs 6: Phun (Bob's Videos) (no sex)
  • Jana (Falcon Enterprises) (solo)
  • Jana: Sexy White Satin Dream (Color Crown) (mast)
  • PPV-476 Sophia Pantyhose & Panty (Playtime Promotions) (mast)
  • Private Performance 38: Sofia (J. Salyer) (mast)
  • Private Performance 40: Sofia's Encore (J. Salyer) (mast)
  • Private Performance 60: Isabella, Sophia, and Sarah (J. Salyer) (lez)
  • Private Performance 80: Jana (J. Salyer) (mast)
  • Shocking Pink: Yana, Avalon & Elena (Ron Harris) (lez)
  • Sizzling Centerfolds (Fantasy One) (no sex)
  • Smoke Filled Haze (Bob's Videos) (no sex)
  • Smokescreen (Bob's Videos) (no sex)
  • Sunlight (Bob's Videos) (no sex)
  • Yenna's Workout (Bob's Videos) (no sex)


    Barely 18 Vol. 1, No. 15 1999 (US.) (soft)
    Barely 18 Vol. 1, No. 32 2001 (US.) (soft)
    Barely Legal Dec. 1997 (US.) (soft)
    Barely Legal June 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Best Of Hustler Vol. 34 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Best Of Hustler Vol. 37 1999 (US.) (soft)
    Candy Girls Jan. 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Candy Girls June 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Cheri April 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Cheri Jan. 1998 (US.) (lez)
    Cheri July 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Cheri May 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Chic Dec. 1997 (US.) (lez)
    Chic Oct. 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Club Confidential Aug. 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Club International Dec. 1997 (US.) (lez,soft b/g)
    Club July 1998 (US.) (lez)
    Gallery April 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Hawk Dec. 1997 (US.) (soft)
    Hawk March 1998 (US.) (soft)
    High Society Dec. 1997 (US.) (soft)
    High Society Holiday 1997 (US.) (soft)
    High Society May 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Hustler Dec. 1997 (US.) (soft)
    Hustler March 1999 (US.) (soft)
    Just 18 July 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Leg World Dec. 1997 (US.) (soft)
    Lips March 1998 (US.) (soft)
    Lips Sept. 2001 (US.) (soft)
    Men's World Vol. 9 No. 9 1998 (UK.) (soft)
    Model Directory Vol. 16 No. 4 1998 (UK.) (soft)
    Model Directory Vol. 16 No. 6 1998 (UK.) (soft)
    Penthouse April 1997 (US.) (lez)
    Penthouse Feb. 1998 (US.) (soft b/g)
    Penthouse May 1998 (US.) (soft b/g)
    Perfection July 2002 (US.) (soft)
    Swank Dec. 1997 (US.) (soft)
    Swank Holiday 1997 (US.) (soft)
    Swank Jan. 1998 (US.) (soft b/g)
    The Girls Of Penthouse March/April 2000 (US.) (lez)
    Velvet Dec. 1998 (US.) (lez)
    Velvet July 2000 (US.) (soft)



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