PRIVATE MAGAZINES INDEX (by David X, noproblemo & Takezho)
When Berth Milton Jr took over his father in the early nineties, he decided to refurbish their ageing magazine line. He did so in hiring an intrepid French photographer and a new Spanish editor. Their motto: fresh new girls all doing anal. Picking up the most beautiful models from Eastern Europe, one might say they overachieved their initial goal...

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Pirate 41

Gabriella Bond

Pirate 41 (January 1997)

Adele Vanaga (interview in CX10)
Erika Bella (interview in CX8)
Gabriella Bond (interview in CX11)
Gina (backstage in CX33)
Melinda Hever (interview in CX31)
Tracy Love (backstage in CX26)
Olivia del Rio (poster) (interview in CX9)
Private 139


Private 139 (February 1997)

Blondie (interview in CX1)
Carole Dubois
Ildico Ihos
Monica Orsini
Rachel (interview in CX42)
Sandra Dark
Krisztina Schwartz (poster) (interview in CX14)
Pirate 42

Betty Anderson

Pirate 42 (March 1997)

Alexa Schiffer (backstage in CX40)
Angelica Mirai (interview in CX12)
Betty Anderson (backstage in CX39)
Bianca (backstage in CX46)
Julia Tchernei (backstage in CX21)
Karina Senk (backstage in CX6)
Silvia Saint (poster) (interview in CX10)
Private 140

Krisztina Schwartz

Private 140 (April 1997)

Elke (backstage in CX13)
Krisztina Schwartz (backstage in CX14)
Suzy Q
Tania Russof
Andrea Tiffany Segal (interview in CX15)
Pirate 43

Demia Moore

Pirate 43 (May 1997)

Anna Yanna
Kathy Kash
Demia Moore (interview in CX7)
Orsolya Vatai
Zinai (interview in CX17)
Katarina Martinez (interview in CX22)
Private 141

Silvia Saint

Private 141 (June 1997)

Dailany (interview in CX15)
Mafalda (backstage in CX19)
Margareth (backstage in CX17)
Silvia Saint (interview in CX10)
Zinai (backstage in CX17)
Angela Egervari
Myrka (poster) (interview in CX27)
Pirate 44

Mary Eleniak

Pirate 44 (July 1997)

Katarina Martinez (interview in CX22)
Laura Turner
Mary Eleniak (interview in CX16)
Zita (poster) (interview in CX52)
Private 142

Silvia Saint

Private 142 (August 1997)

Isabelle Jurke (poster)
Myrka (interview in CX27)
Nikki Anderson (interview in CX3)
Nora (backstage in CX23)
Silvia Saint (backstage in CX10)
Zita (interview in CX52)
Pirate 45

Nikki Anderson

Pirate 45 (September 1997)

Edwige (interview in CX31)
Judith Penn (interview in CX37)
Krisztina Schwartz (interview in CX14)
Nikki Anderson (interview in CX3)
Silvia Silent (poster)
Suzy Q
Private 143

Gabriella Bond

Private 143 (October 1997)

Blondie (backstage in CX11)
Erika Lindauer (interview in CX12)
Gabriella Bond (backstage in CX11)
Isabelle (backstage in CX11)
Lydia (backstage in CX11)
Peggy Sue (backstage in CX21)
Katarina Martinez (poster) (interview in CX22)
Pirate 46

Jennifer Red

Pirate 46 (November 1997)

Isabelle Jurke
Jennifer Red (backstage in CX19)
Myriam (backstage in CX44)
Magdalena (poster) (interview in CX19)
Private 144

Nikki Anderson

Private 144 (December 1997)

Betty Anderson (interview in CX39)
Ginette (backstage in CX47)
Nikki Anderson (interview in CX3)
Nora (backstage in CX23)
Peggy Sue (poster) (interview in CX21)