PRIVATE MAGAZINES INDEX (by David X, noproblemo & Takezho)
When Berth Milton Jr took over his father in the early nineties, he decided to refurbish their ageing magazine line. He did so in hiring an intrepid French photographer and a new Spanish editor. Their motto: fresh new girls all doing anal. Picking up the most beautiful models from Eastern Europe, one might say they overachieved their initial goal...

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Pirate 23

Karina Senk

Pirate 23 (January 1994)

Baiba (backstage in CX24)
Christelle (interview in CX34)
Julie (backstage in CX7)
Karina Senk (interview in CX6)
Natacha Krivo
Oxana (backstage in CX25)
Su Ann (poster) (interview in CX18)
Private 121


Private 121 (February 1994)

Diana Gueiko (interview in CX3)
Irina Dener (backstage in CX17)
Jacqueline Wild
Karina Senk (backstage in CX6)
Melanie Rowan
Stasha (interview in CX7)
April Summer (poster)
Pirate 24


Pirate 24 (March 1994)

Barbara Doll (interview in CX2)
Betty Gabor (backstage in CX12)
Julia Channel (interview in CX1)
Liona (backstage in CX5)
Lolita (interview in CX3)
Stasha (backstage in CX7)
Timea Gabor
Valentine (poster)
Private 122

Mame Yong

Private 122 (April 1994)

April Summer
Nicole London
Linda (interview in CX10)
Mame Yong (backstage in CX1)
Melanie Rowan
Su Ann (interview in CX18)
Anita Rinaldi (poster) (interview in CX6)
Pirate 25

Valy Verdi

Pirate 25 (May 1994)

Barbara Doll (interview in CX2)
Esther (backstage in CX20)
Helen Duval
Kai Nobel
Mame Yong (backstage in CX1)
Micaela (interview in CX11)
Sylvia Sopia (interview in CX23)
Valy Verdi (interview in CX3)
Samantha Milosz (poster)
Private 123

Anita Rinaldi

Private 123 (June 1994)

Alona (backstage in CX1)
Anita Rinaldi (backstage in CX6)
Brittany O'Connell (poster)
Erika Bella (interview in CX8)
Sweet Lana (backstage in CX6)
Laura Catwoman (interview in CX4)
Pirate 26

Zana Sun

Pirate 26 (July 1994)

Brittany O'Connell
Eve (backstage in CX9)
Kim BSG (backstage in CX13)
Sidonie (interview in CX6)
Stasha (interview in CX7)
Zana Sun
Agnes Kapoli
Erika Bella (poster) (interview in CX8)
Su Ann (backstage in CX18)
Private 124

Erika Bella

Private 124 (August 1994)

Angelicka (backstage in CX27)
Christelle (backstage in CX34)
Erika Bella (backstage in CX8)
Imene (backstage in CX8)
Nadine Bronx (backstage in CX8)
Regina (interview in CX13)
Sandrine (backstage in CX34)
Pirate 27


Pirate 27 (September 1994)

Betty Gabor (interview in CX12)
Erika Bella (backstage in CX8)
Micaela (backstage in CX11)
Ysana (interview in CX11)
Zana Sun
Timea Margot (poster) (interview in CX10)
Private 125

Sunset Thomas

Private 125 (October 1994)

Margarette Szopos
Micaela (interview in CX11)
Sunset Thomas (backstage in CX49)
Timea Margot (backstage in CX10)
Veronica Bella (backstage in CX2)
Ysana (backstage in CX11)
Inna (poster) (interview in CX1)
Pirate 28

Gina Jurane

Pirate 28 (November 1994)

Dina Pearl (backstage in CX17)
Erika Bella (interview in CX8)
Gina Jurane (backstage in CX2)
Lisa Street (backstage in CX20)
Monica (backstage in CX13)
Inna (backstage in CX1)
Betty Gabor (poster) (interview in CX12)
Private 126


Private 126 (December 1994)

Ania (backstage in CX22)
Betty Boday (backstage in CX3)
Dina Pearl (backstage in CX17)
Judith (backstage in CX42)
Lulu (backstage in CX17)
Beata Smorjai (poster) (interview in CX21)